Welcome to my Blog! I'm Kayleigh and I'm a blogger and a writer. 

I have always had my head stuck in a book from an early age and off to Hogwarts to meet Hagrid or falling down a rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland I went. I guess I came to realise I liked writing and I didn't think I'd be much good. I picked up my laptop one day and thought I'd create a little corner of the internet for me and all the things I loved and I was told I had found my inner talent.

And I came to love it.

I've always written from an early age. I remember having a desk at my gran's house and I was forever writing and drawing. I'd forever make up silly stories of things I had imagined, characters I was wanting to meet. And today, nothings really changed.  I learnt the keyboard too at an early age and I'd make up songs too. I also self taught myself the guitar and ukulele. 

Today I try to blog often. I cover a lot of different subjects. Whether it be in beauty, fashion to travel to uploading a positive message about loving yourself to writing a book review that I've had to share with the world!  If I haven't got my head stuck in a book with a cup of tea in the other, I'll have a notepad and pen in my hand jotting down notes for projects or my novel I'm currently working on.

 I came to realise that I could help people who were feeling down with the way they looked or needed that bit inspiration to reach that goal everyone told them was impossible. And the more I wrote posts, the more I wanted to help others.

My blog has lots of different posts, I like to think there's something there for everyone! There's beauty, fashion, travel to book reviews to me just posting a piece of writing I wanted to share.

I'm a dreamer and I try to find the positive in every situation. I believe in positive living and getting your goals and dreams. As Walt Disney said - 'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them'  

Thank you for taking a look at my little space on the internet and I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen.

Kayleigh x x