Thoughts and Giveaway!

I'm not a stranger to drama. Nor am I a stranger to simply letting things be. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm done with all of the drama's of life and I'm also done with letting things be. Hench the reason for writing my life story Everything I Now Know. Life is kinda funny and if I look back at this blog of mine, I'm a completely different person now to the girl I was blogging away trying to get her voice heard. Time changes us, situations changes us, life changes us and this is something I've come to know first hand. There's been many times in the last few years where I've held a grudge or made an excuse to get out of something and other times just been plain awkward. Even though this was all going on, so was life. My life. And as the clock move forward, so did time and I was still stuck holding on to this one thing. But slowly as I caught up with time, I came to realise that I was still holding on to something that was done and even though life had changed, I hadn't. I let it go. Holding on to something, holds you back and whilst I was so focused on one small thing, life was getting away from me, holding me back, stopping me from getting on with the future. I came to a decision that I was done. Coming to that decision was the best thing I've done. It was like carrying a really heavy balloon around, it weighing you down, following you at your every move and then letting it go and watching it go further into the distance, finally feeling free. And that was the best feeling, I had felt for a long time.

I was fed up with feeling so tired and having that constant battle of anxiety where I'd forever be thinking of that 'what if'. Making decisions can be life changing and there's always that 'what if' that stays with you but I came to the conclusion that I had to do what was right for me. As much as I had advice or reasons not to make a decision, I knew what was right for me. Life is too short to think about regrets and we learn from them. I know first hand that I've learnt a lot from my mistakes and as much as I wishing i had a time machine, I wouldn't change them for the world.  


I am giving away a Pink Parcel!

 A Pink Parcel is aimed at making your period time more relaxed and pampered and every month they will send you a box of goodies with all the bits and bobs you will need for your time of the month as well as a little treat for you. I was lucky enough to get two boxes and I thought I'd give one away to one of my lovely readers. I have used my box and loved it and used all the bits and bobs inside. 

How to enter

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Winner will be announced on Saturday 18th November 2017. 

Good Luck!

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