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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

 We all have bits of our bodies that we dislike and we are conscious about, that we cover up or try and hide them whenever possible. I have spoken about body shaming and having a positive body image before and it's something that I strongly believe in. Having insecurities about our bodies can make us wear clothes that  feel comfortable and will hide the bits we dislike about ourselves. Many of the clothes in my wardrobe I enjoy wearing and I feel comfortable in such as high waisted skinny jeans, tops, dresses, leggings . . .

 When I hit the shops, I often look at clothes. I am a bit of a shopaholic!

 I always try on things I like but them will put it back if I dislike what it looks like on me. Sometimes things look great on a hanger but then horrible when tried on!  I'm sure many people do the same and I always make sure I try on clothes before I buy. There has been too many occasions where I've brought clothing because I've liked what it's looked like but it looks completely different when it's on and I have disliked and regretted buying it.

When it comes to bodies, we are all different. I am curvy with a bust. But because I am busty but have small shoulders, I find buying tops hard. Sometimes tops can be big around the bust and I end up showing way too much cleavage for my liking. Or tops end up fitting my shoulders but end up way too tight around my boobs so I can't really move or the top literally just refuses to go over!

 But one thing I do believe is, whatever your body shape, you should wear what you want. Some times depending on our body shape we tend to wear clothes that make us feel comfortable.

Fashion experts are always telling us what is good for our body shapes . . .

Don't wear strips if over a certain size . . . 

don't wear a a bikini if you don't have a nice figure to pull it off on the beach . . . 

wear black a lot as it makes you seem slimmer . . . .

crop tops aren't for you unless you have a slim waist line. . . 

But what happens if we dare to wear something that isn't suppose to be for our figure?

Or clothing we don't think suits us?

Or wear something that shows off that one thing we try to hide?

I discovered Dia & Co who are encouraging women to wear what they want no matter what they look like or what they think they look good in. Wearing that one item of clothing that you don't dare wear in public or clothing that you think you wouldn't usually wear together. I instantly knew this was something I wanted to get involved and in and could easily relate too. I am forever putting clothing together and wearing it and then changing what I'm wearing because I'm forever thinking . . .

'don't go out in public like that!'  

 Dia&co are encouraging women to have the confidence to wear whatever they want no matter on what style, size or colour or the clothing may be.  Rock those 2000's jeans you have hidden in the back of your wardrobe or that strap top you don't think is for your body shape.

Not only that but encouraging women to love their reflection and encouraging them to love their bodies and who they are as an individual. This is something Dia&co believe too. Dia&co are a brand that are based in the US for plus sized ladies and are encouraging women to wear what they want no matter on what they look like. Even though I am not plus size myself, I love the message they are sharing with women across the globe. If you're intrigued I'll link in their website here so you can have a little nose! I do recommend having a look!   

Reading and feeling inspired, I wanted to take on the challenge myself. I wear most clothing so challenging myself to wear something I don't wear or find unflattering was a bit tricky. But I did find one thing i dislike on myself . . . .


 My relationship with shorts are terrible!

I dislike my legs and in the summer I prefer to wear maxi dresses or something that keeps them covered. But it's something this summer I am going to work on. I am insecure about my legs because I think they are too long and pale and also I have scars on the backs of them. I can wear dresses that are shortish. I quite like wearing a dress when I'm going out for the night.

I am yet to find a pair of short that I like.

I am however setting myself the challenge to buy a pair of shorts this summer and wear them out and about. It's time I faced my fashion fears and buy some summer shorts!

I do however own one pair of shorts that I was brave enough to put on and take a snap.

Being a bit Cheesy!! 

Leg Shot!! 

Rocking the shorts!! 

These shorts are the shorts I wear for dressing up in whether I'm a pirate for World Book Day or Halloween or a zombie school girl, these shorts made an appearance! I will find the courage to either wear these shorts out or but a new pair to wear out and about in the summer.

I've only ever worn these shorts with tights or leggings and brought them only for dressing up. But accepting this challenge has made me think that I shouldn't be afraid to get my legs out once in a while!

I challenge you all to fight your fashion fears! 

Go on . . . 

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