A letter to September

Friday, 2 September 2016

Hello September 

I can't seem believe that you're here already. It was only a few moments ago that your sister June was here and I was writing to her. 

Those summer nights sitting outside, sipping glasses of wine whilst watching the sun say it's farewell for the day.

Those darker days will soon be upon us. 

Instead of sitting outside, we'll be sitting by the warmth of the fire, sipping hot cups of tea and watching the cold night air blow, against the window trying to get inside.

 I love walking through a blanket of leaves that lay at my feel.   Forever changing colour. From Green to Orange to finally a Brown. 

I think I have to admit, September that you are my favourite time of the year. 

Today as I awake up, I looked upon the outside world. 

And the sky was grey. 

I saw the sunshine attempting to peak through the cracks in the dark clouds. 

Like it's despirate to make it's final apperance. 

Just one more bit of summer sunshine before the chills of Autumn come upon us. 

As much as I love that summer warmth, I love the Autumnal feel that you bring. 

Yesterday September, was a special day. in my family.

 It was my youngest brothers birthday and he's now eight. 

The Youngest RVR
It's crazy to think the littlest RVR is now eight. 

Eight years since that little bundle came into our lives. 

Those little giggles of happiness to sounds of excitement 

To chasing Seagulls around the garden

 to seeing you dance and move to the sound of my guitar.

September, Where has it gone? 

I think I've blinked and time has flown by. 

As I snuggle under my douvet holding my warm cup of tea, 

I can't help but wonder

September, where has time gone? 

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