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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hey Guys 

I don't get to see my siblings or family members that often but when we all meet its chaos! Being the eldest of nine means that there is never a dull moment and Christmas' in our household were never dull. We get to meet up once every two weeks which is brill! We also meet up more often when we can but due to school and work it's harder. I haven't really gone into my family situation and won't but let's just say the guys are doing good!

There being nine of us meant life was very busy all the time. Three of my brothers have Autism.  My sister is going to loose her sight - you can read her story here So you can imagine that our household was like Cheaper by the Dozen. Breakfast times used to be like that! 

I was asked to upload some pictures of the guys. 

 Not all the photos I have taken, some of them were taken by others and my siblings sent them to me!

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Beach Day

Fun in the Sun

They buried me in balls!! 

Grandparents, Silings and Fiancee

Playing a ball game against Uncle Andy! 

Sam's Birthday! 

Hannah and Riv's met Elsa

Hannah Potter

They went to Harry Potter world

A day at the beach



Fishbourne Roman Palace


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