The Fairytale Tag

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I was scrolling through social media to find some kind of fairytale related blogs to read when I came across a fairytale tag!! 


And of course I knew that I had to do this on my blog . . . 

so here we go . . . 

Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?
No, I wouldn't say I was beautiful but I believe everyone is beautiful and have different kinds of beauty. Some people aren't just beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. 
Sleeping Beauty - How many hours do you sleep at night?
about eight hours or less. I need sleep or I'm a walking zombie! 

Cinderella - Do you have a curfew?

Rapunzel - Do you love being outside?
Yeah and No! I get cold very easily so I'm forever carrying around a jumper. If it's really hot then yes or even if I'm all bundled up and ready to take on the outside world then yes! I love going on spontaneous adventures! 

Red Riding Hood - Do you trust strangers easily?
Sometimes. In the past I used to but lots happened since then and now I tend to take a step back.

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids - Are you easily fooled?
Yeah I am. 

Beauty and the Beast - What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
Honest, Caring, Loyal, Kind, Friendly.

The Little Mermaid - What would you sacrifice for love?
Everything. <3

The Frog Prince - What do you find disgusting?
People who lie or people who can't take responsibility for their actions. And jealousy. Oh and wobbly teeth. I hate wobbly teeth!! 

Jack and the Beanstalk - Do you have any plants?
Did have plants. Did have being the word. I kill plants easily. I forget that they are there until they are dead. oops! 

Puss in Boots - Do you have pets? If not, do you want them?
Nope. I would like a Meerkat or a duck though!  

Bluebeard - What is your weak point?
Too trusting and forgiving. Or being too ticklish!! 

Pinocchio - What is your biggest wish? 
For everything to turn out okay. 

Peter Pan - What is your mental age?
errrm . . . . 6?!  I don't know!! 

The Star Money - What is your most valuable possession?
Probably my engagement ring but I'm not to sure to be honest with you! 

Gold Mary & Pitch Mary - Are you a hard worker or a lazy one?
I'm a hard worker! I like to do things and get them done. I like to do lots of things all at once or I get bored easily! I need to keep busy! 

The Snow Queen - Who is your best friend?
I have two best buds - Andi and Claudia and I consider my Fiancee to be my best friend too! 

The Princess and the Pea - Are you sensitive?
Depends on what the subject is. I can be if it's something that is meaningful to me. 

Godfather Death  - What qualities make a good parent?
Putting your children first above yourself. Loving them and not judging them for who they are or who they want to be in life. Supporting them, caring for them. Being there for them every step of the way. Teaching them the ways of life. What is wrong and right and guiding them throughout their journey. 

The Twelve Dancing Princesses / The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes - Do you like parties?
I don't mind parties! 

The Emperor’s New Clothes - Do you care a lot about your clothing?
Yep! I love going shopping and getting new bits and bobs! 

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave?
No not at all. Well if it comes to a snake or shark . . . . no! 

So that's the Fairytale Tag! If you liked it, let me know int he comments section or if you're a fairytale lover like myself, have a go yourself! 



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