Letters to June || Let it go ♥

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Dear June, 

It's come to my attention that I have to let some things go

Not everything 

just a few things. 

Like relationships I once valued 

or odd things I've clung on for years 

hoping they'd have some place in my future. 

I once thought it was me

maybe I was the one who held grudges 

The one who needed time to take 5 

The one who needed to fix relationships around me

but I've realized June, 

Not everyone wants to be fixed 

or realises that they need fixing. 

And sometimes June, 

you get sick of trying to help those you once held dear

and you leave them to deal with situations on their own.

And yet I hate the idea of letting go to things around me

my whole worlds turned upside down

 and things I once knew

no longer existed. 

I cling onto past memories 

hoping to keep them alive in my head 

hoping one day things could be as they were 

but as hours turn to day

and days into months 

and time goes on 

it will never be the way it was before

and I have to simply 

Let it go. 

X O X O 

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