Letters to June || Adventures ♡

Friday, 3 June 2016

Dear June

I've had a break

Just a few days off but enough to catch up 

on writing and projects I am keen to start working on

Today is a day that I am travelling an the train is a perfect place to sit 

and take five minuets to myself.

Out comes my notepad and pen

And my imagination is free to run wild

And off I go on an adventure

Not knowing what characters I'll meet along my way

Or ideas I'll come across

A daydreamer.  . . . .

Is what I am

Or so I've been told

And as I sit here I guess I am

As I look out the window

I've come to realise

I love adventures

Whether it's going somewhere in Tiernans car

Or jumping on a train

I love that feeling that it's going to be a different day

and here I am June.

I've come to realise that life itself is an adventure

Who knows what stop we'll get off at

Or what turning we'll take

But there's always those little things



Other people

Little things that get in the way

But life's to short

And time is going fast

And one day in a blink of an eye

Years will have flown

So I've come up with a plan June, 

I'm going to treat each day

like an adventure

Find something to look forward to

Find that one thing to be excited about

My train pulls into my station

Its time to get off

I'm here

Today is a whole new day

And I have a feeling

Today is going to be a good day

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