Letter to June || A Letter from Killarney

Monday, 20 June 2016

Note - I wrote this in Ireland and only remembered to publish it! 

Dear June 

Today I write from you in Ireland

Just an hour or so on the plane 

and over the sea we went 

over a blanket of clouds 

Today is Day One and I'm in Killarney 

As we drove through the town and the villages we passed

I saw nothing but green and mountains ahead

As we stepped out the car and into the town we went 

there were people who greeted us with friendly cheer. 

One thing I feel today June 

I'm looking forward to the adventure you'll bring  

So it's farewell for now . . .

I'll write again soon . . . . . . . . . . .

Hello June

It's only me again 

It's day two over here. 

And what a day it's been. 

We've left Killarney 

and headed down to Glenbeigh 

but now without experiencing a thing or two first

With a Jaunting Car ride 

and a visit to a castle hidden away from plain sight 

And then away we went but not until 

we stopped to see where McCarthy was from

He took me by the hand and led me up the path 

and to a ruin we stood and gazed upon.

"This is my castle" Tiernan said 

and lead me on to the ruin ahead

We climbed a few stairs and looked over the lake 

and the view was magnificent 
just like he'd said. 

A little while later we were off again

out to Glenbeigh  

for more adventure ahead 

Down to a cottage near by the sea 

were Grandparents, Parents, Tiernan and me . . . . .  

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