Old Friend . . . ♥

Friday, 20 May 2016

Hello old friend

We haven't seen each other

but I want that to change. 

Hello Old Friend 

I haven't had the chance to tell you

how life's changing all the time. 

Old Friend, we shared memories 

laughs and games and jokes that 

made me smile more and more each day . . . .  old friend?

Do you remember 

those coffee shop days

and conversations never seemed to end . . . . Old Friend? 

Hello Old Friend 

Just me again . . . . . 

I'm reminiscing on things we've done and did 

Old Friend do you remember ice cream on the pier 

and lounging in town till 4 am ? 

Old Friend  . . . . 

do you remember sipping ice cold drinks 

and flirting with the guy behind the counter

and wondering which one of us caught his eye! 

Those crazy days, 

funny days 

and days with you I'll know I'll always miss 

Old Friend . . . . 

Hello Old Friend, 

Just me again

I'm keeping my distance for now. 

Old Friend

Maybe it's just something you got to do 

Just don't leave me hanging on for too long . . . 

And if I look back on how we began 

I know I'll never regret a thing we did . . . Old Friend?

Old Friend . . . . 

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