A letter to January

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dear January,

I'm not sure I've ever written to you, 

 I guess life just carried me away for a day then two them week 

and then I stopped and the world stood still and I paused . . . 

Is it really February next week? 

Is it really the second month in 2016 already? 

The week started with a sudden bang. 

With hospitals and worries and the longing to make up for what was said. 

and tears that never stopped flowing till I realised, it was going to be okay. 

A smile or a laugh or the I love you that make me smile through tear stained eyes. 

And words spoken meant nothing at all

A few days later I guess a cry for help 

was needed in order to move on. 

January, it got me thinking . . .

You've got to make the most of it, 

of life, opportunities and every second. . . 

as the hands of time never slow down 

and days go by in an endless blur

not slowing down for a second 

making the most of every second. 

making every dream possible and doing all they can. 

I guess January, I don't know 

I've been left with a confused feeling for a while now

when standing at the crossroad

which way do I turn January?  

With dreams on one side 

and fears on the other

it's easier to turn and hide 

than to walk stronger into the distance 

not giving up,  

not giving in 

and yet . . . 

here I am. 

I guess what I'm trying to say January, 

is I don't know. 

X O X O 

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