My Juice Plus Diary Weeks Two, Three and Four

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hey guys,

I have to be completely honest in this blog and that for the last three weeks i haven't been in the mood for Juice Plus. A situation arose when I was feeling so positive and happy about the whole Juice Plus program to come crashing down and wanting to eat so much rubbish to make myself feel better/happier. Let's just say the whole situation threw me and made it feel like my life had been turned upside down and the thought of being healthy was the last thing that I wanted. 

As the second week went by I decided to lay off the junk food and look to more healthier foods and found that giving my attention to something else rather than this situation made me have a kind of focus in my life. I came to realize, just because I've had this situation, doesn't mean I have to take it out on my body. I started Juice Plus because I wanted to be healthy and that was the complete opposite to what I was doing. And its the same with me now and I am getting back on those Juice Plus Smoothies. I need to go Juice Plus shopping and get some yummy fruits so I can start these smoothies again but I can tell you something, even thought I haven't been trying I have dropped a dress size! 


I hadn't noticed until I was at work and my favorite jeans kept falling down that I had and even then I didn't think I had! But the more I wore my every day clothes, I came to realize that I had in face dropped a dress size due to the baggy clothes and the fact that my boobs began to show a lot more than what they did in my tops! Even though dropping a dress size isn't my goal with Juice Plus it does feel good and it has given me a confidence boost! 

Want to know more about Juice Plus?? 

Visit their website here or send a tweet to my lovely friend Heidi who can help you with anything you need to know about Juice Plus -

Till next time, 
                                      Kayleigh xx


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