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Monday, 1 June 2015

I went to see Malificent last night at my local cinema and it was actually quite good. Angelina Jolie was made for that part.  But whilst watching this film, it made me think about villains and evil characters. Like Malificent, Villains are mostly misunderstood and are portrayed to be evil by the good character and the good character does something equally as bad and as evil as the Villain. In Malificent she turns bad because the love her life is greedy and wants power and the throne and to do this he cuts off her wings, so that he could have the throne. Malificent like Villains do seeks revenge by cursing his daughter with a sleeping curse. But through the film you see Malificent change and she grows to like and love the princess and realises that what she's done is wrong. She then risks her life to stop the curse and save the princesses life. She learnt the errors of her ways. The King who happened to be the love of her life had plotted to kill Malificent so how does this make her bad and a villain when the king was doing just the same. If he had not have had greed and a lust for power than Malificent wouldn't have turned 'bad'.

There are other villains like this too, Just look at frozen. Like before Prince Hans is too obsessed with power and the crown that he pretends to love Anna who is so desperate for love and then pretends to act in Elsa's interest by looking after the kingdom whilst Anna goes to find her sister. Elsa is portrayed as a Villain when she shows the people her magical powers and 'Mr Weasletown' ( I actually like that character,  it's not weasletown it's whistleton!) Well he ordered Elsa to be killed by his own men because he was afraid of her powers and I think a bit jealous too! So characters that are portrayed to be good aren't actually that good when they do thing's just as equally as evil!
Most villains are jealous of the main character or the good character, so they will do whatever they can to destroy their happiness! Like in the tale of Snow White, She was just so jealous that Snow White grew up beautiful and became more beautiful than her so she took to destroying her out of pure envy. Beauty is not just on the outside, it's what on the inside too. You can be the most beautiful person but not have a beautiful personality.  I personally think that everyone is beautiful in their own way and everyone sees beauty in different ways.

Whilst I'm writing this, my brother is most indignant that I go down the superhero route. Magneto is a metal powered mutant and is portrayed to be an evil mutant and yes he does tend to kill a bit. But he sticks up for the mutants against people who are looking to destroy them out of fear. Magneto does have Charles Xavier who does tend to disagree with Magneto and thinks that we shouldn't fight them but live in peace. But Magneto is just protecting the mutants against people who are willing to hurt them. But he gets portrayed to be bad whereas the other people who are looking to destroy him and the other mutants are portrayed to be good?! Hmm. Another villain is Loki, the brother of Thor. Thor is promised power and the throne as has Loki. Loki realises that he won't get it and looks to get a throne of his own and kills to get what he wants. But like Loki says in Thor 2, Odin his 'father' has killed and when Loki does it he's portrayed as evil by Odin. Thor sees the good in his brother and tries to talk him out of it and always gives him the chance. But in the end of Thor two, you see Loki help to destroy the other bad guys who want to destroy the world, he puts his own needs aside to do so and then to get the throne at the end of Thor two. But Loki was brought up to believe that he would have a throne and power and then for it to be taken away from him. So you can see why he turns bad.  Hmm Maybe I just like Villains?!

But original fairytales are actually quite dark, Disney makes them happier and gives it a happy ending but changes some of the story. Like sleeping beauty actually had two children and they lived in Phillips castle where his mother was a witch and she wanted to eat her grandchildren and her daughter in law sleeping beauty! Yes she wanted to eat her son's children! What a lovely grandma! It's the same for the little mermaid, she doesn't actually get to marry the prince, he marries someone else, leaving the little mermaid heartbroken. Her sisters have made a deal with the sea witch in order for her to become a mermaid, she has to kill the prince who she's hopelessly in love with. And in return for the knife her sisters cut off their hair.  The little mermaid can't do it so commits suicide instead and  then ends up a sea spirit. Weird!

I think that in a story you shouldn't just judge the villain so fast. Just because they are portrayed to be 'evil' doesn't actually mean that they are, in most cases they are misunderstood and the main character has done something to annoy them or taken for them to want revenge.  I definitely recommend going to see Malificent cause it's an amazing film. It was nice to see the story behind the character.

Kayleigh xx

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