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Sunday, 26 April 2015

I'm a massive fan of Disney which your know if you follow me on twitter or happen to look through my tumblr blog or if you know me in person! Your also know that I no the entire Frozen soundtrack off by heart!  Yeah I'm a complete Disney freak! I love fairytales, the magic behind them and that there is always a happy ending even when things seem impossible! Or just the way that good beats evil! But like I've said in my Villians blog, the good guys are just as bad as the Villians! I would love to see a fairtale with a twist, what would happen if fairytales didn't happen the way we thought! No happy ending.

You can imagine Cinderella's disappointment when the glass slipper fitted her step sisters foot instead of her own. As she enters the room, she sees him holding her sister in his arms and no matter what she says the slipper fits her sister. Cinderella would be stuck cleaning and maybe marrying a villager, then maybe years later the prince realising that maybe Cinderella was the girl who fitted the slipper. In the original tale, it's not so happy, this did nearly happen one sister decided to cut of her toes and heel on one foot to squeeze her foot into the shoe! Yes she cut of her toes! Nice! And also at Cinderellas wedding they (sisters) had no eyes, she ordered birds to peck out there eyes! Reminds me of my Villians blog! I know they were horrible but to peck out someones eyes? Surely you would put it behind you or put them in jail or something but no!

Sleeping Beauty, what happened if she never met Prince Phillip in the woods. She pricks her finger in a spinning wheel she falls into a deep sleep. There would be no one to wake her from her deep sleep, no true loves kiss. Sleeping Beauty left in a sleep for 100 years and would she ever awaken with out a true loves kiss? Let's take a look at the actual story! I've written this before in my blog! She falls pregnant and if that's not bad enough the princes mother likes to eat children! Yes eats children, such a nice grandmother she wants to eat them out of jealousy and then if that's not enough she wants to eat sleeping beauty herself! If the grandchildren weren't enough! Luckily none of them weren't actually eaten!

What about Snow White? What happened if the dwarfs refused to have Snow White in there cottage? Where would she have gone? Snow white left wondering through the dark forest, there would have been no apple and she would never have gotten the chance to marry her prince. Now Snow White actually annoys me the most! Shes the one Princess I actually dont like! In the original tale, when her and the prince marry, they invite the queen. They dont tell her when she arrives but during the wedding they make her wear burning hot iron shoes and make her dance until she drops dead! 
The little mermaid is another. What if there was no sea witch? Would have she have told her father that she was in fact in love with a human? You can imagine what would have happened next! No legs! No chance of meeting the prince! She would just spend her time gazing upon him and then watching him marry, have children and grow old and she would be watching this from a distance. In the original tale, The little mermaid actually swaps her tongue! Yes her tongue for her legs. But not only that but when she walks they feel as if shes stepping on shards of sharp glass! Imagine that! No tongue and every time you move your in so much pain! Ouch! Not only that but she has to get the prince to love her or else she dies! In the end she commits suicide and becomes sea foam instead!
Another little thing is that when Rapunzel is locked away in her tower. The prince comes to visit! After some time, they have sex! And you can guess, she ends up pregnant with twins! Yes with twins! Disney certainly left that part out, you can imagine little Flynn Riders running around the tower and Rapunzel yelling "MOTHER KNOWS BEST!!"

Disney likes to make everything nice and pretty when originally these tales would have been told just as they were written! And to agree with my villains blog, that the good characters aren't actually as good as they seem and do things that are equally as bad as the villains! To have a happy ending makes it nice and makes the reader feel happy and glad that they got what they deserve. But what would the story have been like if it was different? I don't know which version I prefer whether I like the Disney or the original version! I know one thing though, it's how much I still dislike Snow White! She will never be one character that I will ever like!

Kayleigh xx

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