Make Up Review|| The Roller Lash mascara

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


I did a make up review a few weeks back about my favorite Benefit products which included the It's real mascara. Little did I know how much I would like the new mascara by Benefit, The Roller Lash Mascara.

I had booked in for an appointment with the Benefit girls at my local Debenhams to try out the new mascara.  We both that we loved the It's real mascara and wondered how this one would be any better. She told me that it was and it is.

The wand is specially designed to lift your lashes and curl them to give your lashes a more curled and a more uplifted look. The wand is easy to use and can easily apply the mascara to your lashes. It leaves your lashes looking longer and more uplifting. The first time I applied the mascara it looked like I had fake lashes on, it really seperates your lashes and doesn't leave lashes looking clumpy like some mascara does. There is also something inside the bottle which is designed to stop you taking too much mascara out of the tube and wasting it which I find extremely useful!

Overall I am happy with this product and recommend it to everyone who is looking for a new product to try. If your fed up with using eyelash curlers and want to have that curled look to your eyelashes, definitely give this product a try. I only apply to my top lashes, I don't like mascara on my bottom ones, I personally think it looks silly on myself! It makes your eyes look more open and it lasts on my lashes for ages.  It is a cute little mascara too, the box is black and pink with silver stars down the side of it, very eye catchy and it's easy to hold to apply!

Definitely worth giving this mascara a go!

Kayleigh xx

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