5 Shades of Red

Friday, 13 March 2015

It's red nose day! One thing I love is dressing up and getting involved with things for charity. As I have been off work this week, I bought the Comic Relief Lipstick by Rimmel and as I'm a big lover of Red Lipstick, I bought a range of lipsticks to review! 

Rimmel's Comic Relief Lipstick 

I was drawn to the lipstick not only because it was Red but also because the outside of the lipstick had red polka dots on it. It's a great lipstick and feels nice on and isn't too sticky on the lips. It leaves a matte finish and has a balm feel to it. Would recommend this lipstick but I think it's limited addition so grab it whilst you can! It's just under £6 in your local Boots or Superdrug and £1.67 goes to Comic Relief

Would give this a rating of 7/10 

P.S. Love Matte Long Lasting Lipstick found in Primark 

I bought this Lipstick today as it caught my eye. It was placed right by the till and the outside of the lipstick is a shiny gold. For only £1.50 it was something I was going to try. When I opened up the product, it seems a bit cheap when you turn it to get the lipstick out. When you apply the lipstick, it isn't too bad. It is a bit sticky when applied but it leaves a bright red finish when applied on lips. If you haven't got much money and are in need of a lipstick, would recommend  giving it a try and for £1.50 it isn't too bad. 

Would give this a rating of 6/10

GOSH Red Lipstick 167

I always use bright red lipstick so I thought I'd try a darker shade of red. It's a brilliant shade and is still bright but has that slightly darker tone to it. It isn't too sticky when applied. I found it doesn't last too long so you have to re apply! You can find this product in your local Boots or Superdrug for £6.99.

Would give this product a 7/10

Bourjois Rouge Edition

I love this lipstick and it's one I often wear. It isn't too sticky and feels nice on your lips. It leaves a nice bright red look upon your lips. It isn't particularly eye catching but the outside of the product is black and clear with the colour of the product at the bottom. It feels nice when applied and I would recommend this porduct. You can find this product in Boots or Superdrug for £7.99. 

Would give this product a 9/10.

Mac Ruby Woo

I love this lipstick and it is my favourite to use. I saw a product review on this lipstick, so I too had to try it. It is more expensive than the other lipsticks I have reviewed on this post but it is worth it. It stays on for hours and dries so it doesn't stick at all. It's very bright but I love it as it gives a vintage look which is something I love. It looks amazing on and I am so pleased with this product, I'm so glad I bought this product. I found this product in Selfridges in London. I know Mac have many stores around the UK and sometimes you can find them in department stores such as Debenhams or John Lewis. it is £15 but I always think, I pay for what I get. 

Would give this product a 10/10

So there we have it,  five very different lipsticks and my thoughts on each of them. 
Any lipstick products you like, let me know in the comments! 

Kayleigh xx


  1. Ooo these lipsticks look lovely! I have been meaning to pick up the comic relief lipstick but its always sold out! Determined to get it now!! Lol
    Great post! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for taking a look! I know, it's a good lipstick, would try and grab one before they take them off the shelves!