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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hey everyone, 

I went to see 50 Shades of Grey last night and thought I'd review it on my blog. I was never a fan from the beginning but when the 50 Shades craze was around I had to know what everyone was on about and so I read the books. Yes all three and wow, it wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be a simple little love story but little did I know about Mr Grey's sex life. When I heard it was going to be released I was interested who would be taking on the role of innocent Anna Steel and Mr Christian Grey. 

What is the movie about?

The movie begins when you meet Anna who goes to interview Christian Grey for her sick friend. Little does she know what will happen. He becomes obsessed with her within minutes of meeting her, little does he know that Anna is a virgin. He reveals his sexual tastes to her and shows her the red room of pleasure. If she agrees she will become his submissive. Even though she is sexually inexperienced she is drawn to Christian as he is to her and discovers the boundaries of pain and pleasure.  

My Views

When I picture the characters in my head I always imagined Christian to be tall, muscular with dark brown hair. So when I heard that Jamie Dornan had taken on the role, I was interested on how he would play him. I had seen him in shows such as Once Upon a Time and his character wasn't at all like Grey! It didn't take him long to convince me that he was Christian Grey. He played the part brilliantly, even the darker side to the character. The Character Anna was played by Dakota Johnson who too was a good choice for the part of Anna. She was just as I had imagined her to be. She portrayed the part well and showed this innocent woman who became attracted to Grey who of course has the charm that no woman could not fall for. (plus he's rich, super hot and plays piano!) There is a lot of 'soft porn' as that's what the book is about, you knew that there was going to be boob shots, butt shots and sex positions. As well as handcuffs, feathers, whips. . . you can imagine! I will even add in that the cinema I was in at the time all made the same kind of ' wow' noise when we first got a look at Jamie's body and butt!! 

Even though there are lots of sex scenes, there is story behind it. Christian Grey is the son of a crack addicted mother who is then adopted by the rich and wealthy Grey family. Later at aged 15 he was sexually molested as a Submissive teenager to an older Dominant. So you can see why he's screwed up and doesn't want a relationship with women but in the film you can see that Anna is more than just his Submissive. He does things that he hasn't done with his other Submissive's such as sleep in the same bed as them or have date nights. He hates contact with women and tries to stay as separate as he can from them as they have their own room in his house and he hates women touching him. Not only that but Anna meets his family quite early in the relationship. Even though I know what happens in the story the signs are there from the start, Anna is different from the others and at the end of the film, you see Anna leaving. There will most likely be another film to come. 

If you're into films like this, I would recommend it and it's brilliant to see with your friends too. It's the type of film you can giggle like a school girl too! I would say watch before you judge, don't go by reviews make up your own mind about the film. It's rated an 18 and has just broken the box office record for the biggest opening for a 18 rated film in the UK by taking £4.6 million on the 13th February! 

Watch the trailers here. 

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