So you want to be a princess?

Thursday, 29 January 2015

One of my life long dreams is to be a princess, Yeah i no it's most likely not going to happen unless i find a handsome prince. Most unlikely. I love fairy-tales and always have done since a small child and I wanted to be a princess in one of those stories, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and the list goes on. I wanted the fairy-tale palace, the prince, the dresses the hair. What young child doesn't?! 

I love Disney too and always have done. I wanted to be a Disney princess too. I would often sing around the house, not that i do that anymore. I don't tend to sing what Disney princesses sing. Like throwing open the window at the crack of dawn and singing my heart out. Somehow i think my neighbours would complain! The Disney versions of these tales are good and I love them too but don't stay true to the original fairy-tales. For example The Little Mermaid never got to marry the prince, She was told to stab him in the heart so she could become a mermaid again. But she loved him too much to do it so she ended up throwing her human self into the ocean. Instead of dying she becomes a spirit, the daughter of the air. In the Disney version The Little Mermaid gets her happily ever after and doesn't end up attempting to commit suicide!

Beauty and the Beast is another. In the Original version of the story, Belle has sisters and Belle is the youngest of them. Like the Disney version Belle's father goes and finds refuge in a castle belonging to the beast. Belle offers herself instead of her father and gets pampered! Servants, jewels, amazing clothes, riches. But eventually gets homesick. He allows her to go home but she must return a week later. She is given a magic mirror and a ring that will allow her to return to the castle if she turns it around her finger three times. When she returns she is dressed in the most amazing gowns and her sisters are envious and when her time is over deceive her into staying longer. Hoping that the beast will be furious and eat her. What lovely sisters poor Belle has! Belle misses the beast and uses the mirror to see him again and find him half dead lying on the castle floor and she immediately feels guilty and uses the ring to go to him, She confesses her love for him and to her amazement gets transformed into a handsome prince. And like all fairy-tales they live happily ever after. At least Belle never had deceiving sisters in the Disney version who wanted the beast to eat her out of jealousy! 

Sometimes i think being a Fairy-tale princess must have it's disadvantages. Like Rapunzel, How did she get around with extremely long hair, surly she  must have tripped over it, and she must have had long split ends! The Little Mermaid made a condition to get her legs to sell her voice. But every time she walked she would constantly be walking on sharp knives and feet would bleed, considering what she suffered she doesn't marry him! Same with Sleeping Beauty she awakes after a hundred years once being kissed by her true love and marries him in secret. Once he is king he invited Sleeping beauty and their children to the castle to live with his ogre mother who wants to eat them. Wouldn't you refuse or have your wife and children taken away from your mother if you knew she wanted to eat your children! Snow White had a step-mother who wanted to kill her and had two attempts before she choked on an apple! These Princesses don't get an easy journey, They are always in danger, Their families always want to murder them and they eventually get their happy ending. The prince usually rescues them from all the danger and evil that happens in their lives. 

It's a bit like life, You go through the hard times, The difficult times and you usually get a positive outcome. You don't tend to get a good looking man on a horse coming to solve all your problems, Even though it would be nice! 

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