I'm a Disney Princess and I love Villians!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I had a dream growing and and many of you who read my blogs will know that I'm a total Disney freak! I always wanted to be Disney Princess growing up and realised that it would most likely not happen. Then last week my lovely friend Mike surprised me and he had drawn me as a princess! I'm so in awe with it I love the fact someone's made my Disney Princess dream come true! Thanks Mike!

I said in another Blog that I loved Disney Villains. I know they tend to be the bad guy but theirs something about their character. I love the fact that Captain Hook from Peter Pan has that total mean side but that extremely funny side to him - he's a codfish! Or the Sheriff of Nottingham or even Prince John from Robin Hood - the way he steals but has that classic humour.  Sucking his thumb and calling for mummy- classic!

There's just something about them that I love and makes a Disney Film that much enjoyable! I love the fact that the Villain can banter with the main character - like Vector from Despicable Me (I know it's not disney!) He's a villain that I love and I the relationship between him and Gru is funny. It's the way Gru tries to get the ray gun but Vector is always one step ahead of him! In How to train a dragon Toothless was the bad guy. He was this big scary dragon and turns out to be this big soft dragon who builds a relationship with Hickup. I actually want a dragon like Toothless, he's so cute! 

Sometimes Villains are horrible and do mean things but other times they can be misunderstood.  It's the character behind the person that I love. The humour, the nonsense,  the fact that villains think that they are right when they are wrong. Disney always has a way of making the Villains funny and likeable and that's why I like them. Not because there bad or even because the role they play. It's because of the character behind them that I love.

Kayleigh xx

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